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Pulsating Heat Pipe Only For Space

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PHOS Project is one of the selected experiment which will have the possibility to fly on board a real sounding rocket. We are participating to the REXUS/BEXUS Programme and attending all the main phases of a real space project. All the team members are attending their BSc and MSc in several engineering disciplines such as Aerospace, Software, Electronics, Thermal and Electrical. Other students, responsible for promotional activities, are attending they MSc in Marketing and Economics. The University of Pisa and the University of Bergamo are supporting the team.

The Project


PHOS' mission is to test in a milli-g environment a Pulsating Heat Pipe having an internal diameter greater than the critical one on Earth, so a Pulsating Heat pipe Only for Space. In addition we will compare the thermal-hydraulic response in a milli-g environment of two pulsating heat pipes having an internal diameter greater and smaller than the critical one on Earth, respectively. Furthermore we have to design and build the mechanical and electrical interface with the Rocket RX18!!!These devices has been invented in the early 90's and their thermal performances are still under study. Our team wishes to increase the amount of power - with respect to those devices already tested -  which can ben dissipated increasing the dimensions of the internal diameter of the pipe itself.

Our Supporters

DesignOur team really has to thank all the Companies and their employees for the help they gave us. Without their support we couldn't even imagine to reach this status. They helped us economically but even with the experience of their Engineers and technicians. Most of them are Italian due to our wish to create a strong industrial web of industries which could create future collaborations for innovate and enrich our industrial reality.

REXUS Programme

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The REXUS Programme (Rocket Experiments for University Students) offers students the possibility to fly their ideas! Teams coming from different countries of the European Union design, build and test their own experiments and provide scientific results. In this way they have the possibility to touch with hands a stimulating and highly professional environment such as the Space Business one!

Delivering the future

Delivering the future

Hi everybody! After a long time here we are... delivering the experiment to Bremen, Germany, for some tests. The entire assembled module together with all the subsystems will be shipped to ZARM. All the team members think they can relax, but... NOT NOW! We still have to fix some problems but we are sure we can do everything putting effort in what we do. The adventure's just begun...   Together with the "engineering section" of PHOS we are carrying on a fantastic outreach campaign. In the next weeks follow our activities and check what's new! [...]